The Opportunity:

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Our client wanted to offer their customers options: they envisioned this new thermometer as an electronic, digital model that could communicate with a smartphone to guide home brewers through the process much more smoothly and efficiently. In essence, they wanted the device to act as a personal, digital brewing assistant. So, they came to us to help create this bluetooth-enabled thermometer—one that would offer a much better customer experience and would allow for lots of add-on features.

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Process and Product Details

  • Mechanical Design – With stainless steel temperature well and mechanical and electrical attachments; USB connection from temperature sensor to plastic housing
  • Electrical Design – Able to calculate temperature ranges to high degree of accuracy
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Injection Molded Plastic
  • Swiss Machined Components
  • Modularity – Thermowell created in two sizes, with an option to connect to USB extension; technology developed can be used in future projects
  • Prototyping
  • Domestic and International Sourcing
  • Light Assembly – Final assembly and all testing done in-house
  • Testing – Before and after app integration
  • Retail Packaging – Designed in-house, then coordinated with supplier overseas

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Complexity Level