The Opportunity:

This customer came to us with a rough concept of a box that held a test tube and cell phone. Using an app, the cell phone could look at the contents of the test tube and determine the substance’s color in RBY or CMYK format. Our task was to take this concept and create a box that could hold a wide array of phones and focus them such that the camera would look directly at the test tube without obstruction.

black plastic photometer
graphic icon of light bulb


While unconventional, the customer’s concept conveyed our customer’s design intent perfectly! Molded-in snap fingers were designed to snugly hold any phone in place without damaging them. The box design also guaranteed that light was always coming from a source behind the test tube, preventing any other ambient lights from affecting the test tube’s color.

graphic icon of puzzle pieces

Process and Product Details

  • Plastic Injection Molded Design
  • Prototyping
  • International Sourcing
  • Decals/Label Design
graphic icon of atom

Complexity Level