The Opportunity:

Though it was a well-established product line, this customer felt it was time for a new look and some performance upgrades to each product. Although all of the items featured in this line functioned acceptably, there was a strong interest not only to give some aesthetic continuity between their products but also to add some extra functionality. This redesigned fan would also need to match design cues from its product family.

small black electric fan
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Matching the new product family design required a total rework of the fan blade shape, grille design, and motor selection and placement. Despite these sweeping changes, however, our new fan met or exceeded every performance and safety metric while adding onto the original design with features like a backlit On/Off switch and more extensive weatherproofing. Furthermore, a total aesthetic redesign was accomplished alongside a very aggressive price target.

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Process and Product Details

  • Plastic Injection Molded
  • Design
  • Axial Fan Blade Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Silicone Molding
  • Product Family Design
  • International Sourcing
  • Product Produced In ISO
  • 9002 Facility
  • Retail Packaging
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Complexity Level