The Opportunity:

This was a special project for us, in that we did both an initial design and a redesign for this product. Our client is an expert in the GPS tracking marketplace: When they came to us originally, it was because their customer base relied on pencil and paper to keep track of their drivers’ time and attendance. Needless to say, that method wasn’t terribly quick or reliable. We worked with them to create an Operator Panel—a microcontroller based time and attendance device that communicates with their GPS platform, keeping track of the vehicle and driver at all times. No paper needed!

Fleet Tracking Operator Panel parts
Fleet Tracking Operator Panel parts
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The initial design was a success, but after gathering feedback from the drivers about the device’s usability, the client came back to us for a redesign. We worked with them to develop a unit with a backlit keypad and LED display that could be used and viewed easily in the dark, and with larger buttons that would allow for fewer data entry mistakes.

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Process and Product Details

  • Injection Molded Plastic – Design and final assembly in-house, ABS plastic housing sourced overseas
  • Microprocessor Controller – Integrated electrical design
  • Decal Overlay – Overlay includes window for viewing LED display, and cutouts for push buttons and small LED indicators
  • Wire Harness – An accessory required for power up and usable with several different connections (ethernet, USB, custom solutions, etc); designed and sourced in-house
  • Backlit Keypad – Soft silicone rubber
  • Backlit Panel Numerical LED Display
  • Software/Firmware Generation – Program written to tell device how to function; removable firmware allows for easy reprogramming in future
  • Mounting – Screw down fastening can be mounted on horizontal or vertical surface to fit a wide range of vehicles
  • Prototyping
  • International and Domestic Sourcing – All components designed in-house; sourced locally and internationally
  • Light Assembly – Final Assembly of components and testing performed in-house
  • Purpose – GPS communication, asset tracking, time and attendance
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Complexity Level