The Opportunity:

With a huge redesign of their motion dynamics cart completed, our customer looked to redesign an accessory to their keystone product. The friction brake saw extensive use in classroom experiments but also had a great deal of room for improvement. Besides updating the brake to closely match the aesthetics of the new cart, we sought to reduce both material and labor costs associated with producing it.

black plastic friction brake
black plastic friction brake
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Swapping out metal for plastic dramatically reduced the cost of each friction brake but special attention was taken to streamline the construction of the brake assembly. Molded-in hard-stops cut back on the number of parts needed to accomplish the same function in the old metallic housing. Following the cart’s design cues also gave us more space to build the brake mechanism, making the installation of the assembly’s most complicated feature far easier than it ever had been.

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Process and Product Details

  • Product Family Design
  • Injection Molded Plastic
  • Machined Parts
  • International Sourcing
  • Product Assembled in the US
  • Labels/Decals
  • Cost Reduction
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Complexity Level