The Opportunity:

Spectrum tubes have been a fixture of chemistry classrooms for decades. Unfortunately, the designs of both the tubes and the necessary power supplies have changed very little since their inception. Consequently, there has been a litany of issues that have popped up over the years. Beyond the obvious danger of having very little protection around terminals capable of producing up to 5000V, the glass tubes are very fragile, the glass itself has degraded to a point where the tubes can only be run for less than a minute before the gas inside begins to escape, and was very time consuming to operate for educators. It was a perfect time for some fresh ideas on an old, well established product.

Green and black plastic spectrum tube power supply
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All of the design and safety issues with modern spectrum tubes and their power supplies were solved with three separate steps. First, our patented spectrum tube cartridge significantly improved bulb longevity, resulting in far fewer failures and returns. Second, a magnet embedded in the cartridge along with a reed switch in our Single Unit Power Supply solved all of our customer’s safety concerns. Finally, our patented carousel design on version two of the power supply greatly simplified loading and switching spectrum tubes for the end user.

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Process and Product Details

  • Patent Application/Legal Work
  • Patent 2012
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Magnet/Reed Switch Integration
  • International and Domestic
  • Sourcing
  • Glassworking
  • Decals/Labels
  • Assembled in the US
  • Product Testing
  • Cost Reduction
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Complexity Level