The Opportunity:

Our customer had been using an industry standard water mixing valve with a capacity rating that was severely mismatched for its originally intended application. This resulted in a large number of in-warranty product returns and major temperature control issues with valves that weren’t already damaged. However, the lack of other temperature-controlling water valves available in the marketplace meant that they were effectively stuck with their partial and costly solution.

metal water mixing valve
metal water mixing valve
metal water mixing valve
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Our first task was to engineer a new temperature valve that was tailored to the water flow requirements of the application. We sized the water ports and thermal actuator to provide outstanding temperature control. The correct sizing of capacity also eliminated costly warranty returns due to port clogging. All of this was done while staying under our customer’s aggressive price targets.

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Process and Product Details

  • 100% Product Validation
  • Forged Parts
  • Machined Parts
  • Packaging
  • Worldwide Sourcing – Suppliers range from China to France and to the United States.
  • Cost Reduction
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Complexity Level