We’re here to help your vision take flight.

Whether it’s designing from the ground up or re-engineering an existing product, Steiner Enterprises is intimately familiar with every aspect of the manufacturing industry. Whatever your OEM needs, we are your go-to partner for seeing your vision through to completion.

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Your Design Produced

Do you have an existing product that just needs a little attention? Perhaps you’re having issues with your current suppliers, or there are pricing, quality, or lead-time issues. We’re happy to call on our vast experience and network of resources to manufacture your designs to the most exacting specifications.

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Here is an example of your designs, produced.

Steel Tube Chair Frames

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Your Product Redesigned

Perhaps you have an existing product that needs more of an overhaul—you want an updated version with additional features or enhancements; you’re having fit, assembly, or functional issues; or you need the product to hit a revised price target. We are adept at taking existing designs and reworking them to provide you with a vastly improved end result.

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Here is an example of your products, redesigned.

Fleet Tracking Operator Panel

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Your Idea Brought to Life

Do you have an idea for a product, but don’t know how to get it off the ground? From napkin sketches all the way through to research, design, and manufacturing, we put our collective creative brainpower toward helping you see your concept become a reality.

See how we do it!
Here is an example of your ideas, brought to life.

Digital Home Brewing Thermometer